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Florence Hsu, PhD

​嗨!我是 Florence,藝術史及考古學家,從事博物館教育。我的學術專業領域是古代愛琴海文化及其相關區域,過去的幾個工作也讓我有機會研究近代藝術。



Hi! I am Florence. I am a museum educator, art historian, and archaeologist, specializing in the ancient Aegean world and its interconnected areas. I have also had trainings in modern art through a few previous jobs.

Having studied and worked in Philadelphia for almost 15 years, I love exploring and living in this city.

I am passionate about in-depth cultural travels. I enjoy researching and learning, as well as sharing what I have learned. Join me on a museum tour! We could chat about art, archaeology, and Philadelphia.

​學經歷|Education and Experience









PhD in Art History, Temple University

MA in Art History, SUNY Buffalo

Penn Museum Educator

Barnes Foundation Educator

Fabric Workshop and Museum Exhibition Guide

Art Magazine Editor

Years of Archaeological Experience in Greece

Years of Experience in Teaching and Giving Tours

Why did I start Art Story Philly?




At least one museum in Philadelphia has learned from their visitor requests that the highest language demand for tours, other than English, is Mandarin. Unfortunately, Mandarin tours are seldom offered by museums while English tours, which is readily accessible at every major museum, are not always as approachable to Mandarin-speakers as those in their own native language.

This is why I started Art Story Philly, which offers museum tours that serve the Mandarin-speaking communities. With these Mandarin tours, more people will have an opportunity to discuss art and artifacts using their most preferred language.

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