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【Children's Tour】
Legendary Creatures in the Ancient World


Legendary creatures have filled the imagination of humans of all cultures. Some of them owned supernatural powers, and others were given special meanings. In this tour, children will have the opportunity to explore ancient artifacts and participate in a fun craft activity!










  • 此導覽以中文進行,英文導覽可另行聯絡預約

  • 本行程的主要設計對象為五至八歲的孩童,若非屬於此年齡層,您仍可根據孩童的興趣及能力斟酌參與。

  • ​博物館門票需自行購買,五歲以下孩童免費入館,其餘票價請參考官網

  • 導覽進行時,家長或照顧者需全程陪同孩子。

  • 導覽前後,您都可在館內參觀。

  • ​若有任何疑問,歡迎來訊詢問。

Legendary Creatures

in the Ancient World

Content: Explore ancient artifacts and do a craft activity

Length: 1 hour

Location: Penn Museum

Recommended Age Group: 5 to 8 years old

Group Size: Min. 2 children, max. 5 children

Fee: $20 per child (not including the admission fee)


  • This tour is conducted in Mandarin. English tours could be given upon request from groups of three or more children.

  • The age recommendation is a guideline. Children outside of the age group could still sign up based on your understanding of how they might enjoy it.

  • The tour fee does not include the admission fee. Please refer to the museum website for your admission fee:

  • This is not a drop-off tour. You are expected to be with your child/children at all time.

  • Feel free to arrive early or stay after the tour to explore the museum.

  • Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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